Gea is a place to give birth in an intimate and safe setting.

Our direction and management is carried out by a select team of midwives who follow national and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and work according to the principles of continuity care thus, accompanying and assisting women and their families from conception to early childhood.

It has been proven that the obstetric continuity of care can have a positive impact not only on the course of pregnancy, but also the overall health of mother and child, caring and attending to the needs of women in labor, childbirth and postpartum, with excellent results regarding breastfeeding support.

All women, pregnant or not can request a free consultation with Gea obstetricians. Women are assisted during labor and delivery with a subsequent neonato visit during the first 24 hours of birth. Our midwives will continue to care for the mother in childbirth, nursing and even at home.

Our maternity homes are provided and regulated in our region by the Decree of the Commissioner to Acta December 23, 2016 “Home care, birth and maternity care”.

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